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Call for Delegates: CANP House of Delegates Annual Meeting 2013

Posted over 8 years ago by Sandra Bagwell

FROM: Sandy Bresnahan DATE: September 19, 2012

SUBJECT: Call for Delegates: CANP House of Delegates Annual Meeting 2013 On behalf of myself and Speaker of the House Sheri Rickman Patrick, greetings! Can you believe it’s
already time to think about HOD 2013? This is the official call for delegates and alternates to the 2013 CANP House of Delegates. Each chapter may determine who their delegate(s) will be. Your delegate is your chapter’s representative at HOD where the professional policies of CANP are established. The House of Delegates will meet all day Monday, May 6 and in the morning Tuesday, May 7 at the Hyatt Sacramento in conjunction with Lobby Day.

The meeting will start around 9:00 am, so please consider arriving in Sacramento on Sunday evening. We encourage you to extend your leadership enthusiasm by participating in Lobby Day on Tuesday afternoon, May 7. According to CANP Bylaws, delegates must be current active NP Full, 1st Year Graduate or Senior members to vote.

The CANP bylaws state that each chapter gets one delegate automatically and one additional delegate per 20 voting members as of September 1. Below you will find details on how many delegates are apportioned to each chapter. Delegate selections are considered certified only if the form is sent and signed from the Chapter President of an affiliated chapter. The attached delegate submission form should be completed and returned to CANP via email at The deadline for submitting the names of your delegates is January 1, 2013.
It is also time to begin thinking about resolutions your chapter would like to submit to HOD 2013. The deadline for submission of resolutions is February 1, 2013. More details on submitting resolutions will follow at a later date.

If you have any questions pertaining to the House of Delegates, please feel free to contact me, at or 310.808.3280. A complete set of Bylaws are posted for review and download at Information regarding House of Delegates is under Article V.