Redding Area PA & NP Alliance

Membership for RAPANPA High Priority

Posted over 5 years ago by Curtis Chow

Summer is in full swing and life is crazy. Please, pause, and take a minute or two to become an active member of RAPANPA. PLEASE remember to submit your membership dues and info to the link on the far upper left of your homepage (or use link below).  This is crucial for our existence and to promote both our profession and YOU! It is also helpful to track our annual membership. Please also remember that we accept feedback of any kind regarding the group. To maintain our alliance with CANP (i.e. insurance, major support, etc) we must provide them with some #s so we may continue to use this website as well. I will continue to maintain the CANP website and affiliation so PLEASe help me with this!

Please, also invite students to our meetings and for them to sign up as well.

Interested in becoming a voice for the NP and PA profession? Interested in leading your local area group? Consider becoming a board member. Let us know what your interest is and we can find a role for you!