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PAs and NPs barrier to practice in Mental Health/Psychiatry

Posted over 4 years ago by Summer Ross

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Dear Colleagues,

I had the privilege of meeting and shadowing Benton Kinney, PA-C owner and provider of Native American Mental Health Services.  He and his fellow providers provide mental health services to rural and underserved areas.  Recently, they ran into a barrier to their practice when the new Partnership Health Plan did not recognize their PAs and NPs as rendering providers. I will let you read his story in the attached letter.

I wanted to make you all aware of this as we proceed with the implementations of the new health care law and how it can affect us and our practices.  Also, how important it is to support our fellow mental health colleagues (as well as all specialty colleagues) in their practices. Not only can it affect us but also the hundreds if not thousands of patients that are affected by it.   

Thank you Benton for making us aware of this very concerning barrier to PA/NP practice and your fight to get it changed!  Benton and his fellow providers are an excellent resource for Mental Health services.

Summer Ross, PA-C, CDE - President-Elect RAPNPA



Julie Winter over 4 years ago

Good job Benton!

Jeanne Yalon-Owens over 4 years ago

Great advocacy, Benton! I know Denis Hentrich-PA, at Fairchild clinic, formerly Mc Cloud clinic, has been listed also as a specialist and our Siskiyou County patients greatly benefit from his care!

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