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CANP House of Delegates Report

Posted over 7 years ago by Sandra Bagwell

CANP House of Delegates met this year on February 27 & 28th in Sacramento, CA.  Elections were held for the organization.

President: Beth Haney,
President Elect: Donna Emanuele,
VP of Corporate Affairs: Sandra Bresnahan

These were the elected positions: appointed directors for Public Relations Chair, Membership Chair, Policy Chair are yet to be appointedand Karen Ketner as Education Co-Chair .

There were four resolutions decided to amend language in the bylaws: 

  1. Bylaw Article IV Section 4.01 to include the HOD in the discussion of any change with regard to membership dues.
  2. Bylaws 6.02 Appointed directors of CANP and 6.03 Selection and Term of Office secton to change Public Realtions committe to Marketing and Communications Committee.
  3. Bylaw 5.01 clarified who could serve on the HOD and will not allow a Board member to represent their chapter which would serve as two votes.
  4. Multiple Grammar clarification in Bylaws Sections: 2.01 to avoid duplicity, 2.03 to add Senior members as not qualifying for Associate membership, 2.06 to include the right to vote and hold officce for senior members. Duties: 5.07 HOD  6.01 BOD 7.03 Officers 7.05 Executive Director. 5.08 Annual Session. 5.14 Committee on Credentials. 5.15 Committee on Rules and Order. 5.17 Election Procedures. 8.03 Nominating Committee. Article X 10.01 Parliamentary Authority to reflect current titling of book used for procedures removing Sturgis as the author. Administration/Finance Reference Committee Report 2012-2014 5.17 delete the word tellers. 8.03e Nominations must be received no later than 90 days preceeding the annual session at which the election will occur. 8.03g Evaluates applications and renders an opinion concerning whether candidates for positions are well qualified, qualified or not qualified, and recommends at least one candidate per elective office to be filled. 

It was an honor to represent our Chapter at the House of Delegates this year.

Sandra Bagwell, PhD, FNP-C

Redding Chapter President