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Posted almost 5 years ago by Curtis Chow

Hello All. The previous email list the specifics of CANPs goals for the year. For us here is an update:

CANP will submit another scope of practice bill next year.

For both PAs and NPs we need to get to our local and state reps to discuss our current scope of practice and what we do. Many still don't know what we do! Familiarity between representative and our profession is a vital goal.

I can get together with the CANP and CAPA reps to help out. CANP has a dedicated grass roots person that will provide us with the info and tag lines. Each of you can reach out on your own if you wish. CANP has a "Grassroots" section on the webpage. All the homework has been done for you. I encourage each of you to download some of this info as it applies to PAs and NPs alike.

Our Alignment Agreement is done and things will proceed as previous however we need to capture data of membership (see below on how we will do this)

ENPNetwork's Andrew Keller is working w me to setup a funding account for RAPANPA membership. He needs to create a treasurer or adminstrator email for the site and we will use this as the default for payment registration. He suggest a different service that STRIPE. Affinipay just launched and they are much better for many reasons....less expensive, simple setup, live support "US" and a discounted rate. We can motion for this or I can move us ahead tentatively. In return we will have equal investment into RAPANPA between NPs and PAs and data tracking will be done for us!





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