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Posted almost 6 years ago by Curtis Chow

Please participate by sending info to Curtis.

As a follow up from the Leadership Call on Monday night, please email me ( the names, emails and other pertinent contact information of your local NPs who work in unique settings, i.e. mobile vans, inner city, etc.  We are compiling a list of contacts for our media efforts for the next practice bill.

Additionally, PLEASE sign up for Twitter and follow the people you are interested in getting information. I have listed below my Twitter contact and some others that I follow. Today I posted an article on non-verbal communication for professionals. If you notice, many articles you read have a small blue Twitter bird near the headline. It is literally a click to post onto your own account. 

Signing up and participating in social media will help (believe it or not!) our grassroots efforts and it does not take up time from our busy day - once you're set and following people, it takes merely seconds to get updates unless you find interesting information or an article you like . 

Another social media site that is strictly for professionals is LinkedIn. I follow a good number of groups and receive excellent articles from this site as well. We are hoping you can find a bit of time through the Holiday break to get set up on these and other sites. As soon as I see you, I'll follow you!

Thank you so much and Happy Holidays!



go to and sign up (super easy)

Some suggested sites:













There are many others that you may want to follow as well, this is a very short list.


LinkedIn: (you can peruse my groups to find some you and other NPs may like)


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