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Important legislation News!!

Posted about 10 years ago by Julie Winter

Both the NP and PA professions have news to celebrate! 

The governor just signed SB 819 and AB 356.  These bills will go into effect on January 1, 2010.  Make sure you modify your standardized procedures by January 1, 2010.

SB819 - This legislation allows NPs to sign disability forms, order durable medical equipment and sign for a plan of care for home health services.

AB356 - This legislation allows PAs to obtain a fluoroscopy permit which will give authority to perform fluorscopy.

Many thanks to our professional organizations who have put in a great deal of time and money for our benefit, and to all of you who sent letters requesting support from our legislature.


Mary Speigle about 10 years ago

Great news, the barriers are coming down and making NP/PA care more transparent! Do you have any idea why MediTrans requires MD signature instead of NP or PA?

Susan Varesko about 10 years ago

This is good news indeed as I just had two cases where my signature was not accepted and after filling out the forms I had to get our MD to sign them. Our MD travels here 1-2 times a month from OR to this county of only a little over 10,000 people in NE CA that is isolated. Waiting for his signature slowed down the disability processing for my clients and was frustrating to them and also the MD involved in their cases wondering why my signature had not been accepted like it always has been in the state of OR when I had my private practice there. I believe one of my patients wrote to Gov. S explaining the situation and struggle they experienced.

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