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Contact information for Jared Smith, PA s/p diving accident 7/4/10

Posted over 10 years ago by Carrie McLaughlin

Summer Ross, PA, has informed me that Jared is a PA at MMC who had a tragic diving accident on the 4th of July. She forwarded the email below regarding specifics and contact information for the family- it is an email from 7/5/10 and he may now be in rehab locally or with his family in Santa Rosa.


All ~

With his wife's permission, and approval of our Chief of Staff, I'm communicating with the members of our group regarding Jared Smith's tragic pool diving accident in which he sustained severe Chance fractures with comminution and retropulsion of fragments into the spinal canal at C6 and C7. He underwent traction with improved alignment of his vertebrae, and was taken to surgery this morning for spinal cord decompression via anterior approach. He remains intubated in STICU, awaiting posterior fusion tomorrow.

At this point, it appears that he is a complete C6, although he did have some sensation around the right 3rd rib anteriorly and RH3D prior to surgery. He is on high dose steroid protocol, but evidence is mixed regarding outcomes. No word at this early point as to when he will be released from ICU to the floor, or plans for transfer from hospital to rehab.

Jennifer, Jared's wife, is amazingly brave, and they are fortunate to have many very supportive family members locally to help with their two young boys. Assistance for the family, both immediately (and probably more important over the coming weeks and months) can be coordinated for the time being through Jennifer's mother, Jan Eggen:

H 245-1745

C 514-9996



Cards can be sent to Jared's home address:

15115 Middletown Park Drive, Redding, CA 96001.

So far, we have volunteers to shuttle children, deliver meals, mow lawns, and eventually build wheelchair ramps/retrofit home as needed. Having lived a nightmare similar to this a few years ago, I am reminded that family and friends are the only thing to get you through the tough times--which don't stop at 2 weeks or 2 months.

We will keep you apprised as information becomes available.

Thank you so much for your support,