Redding Area PA & NP Alliance

No RAPANPA meeting for January 2018

Posted almost 2 years ago by Darra Husome

Dear Members,

We were able to successfully fill all of our officer positions at our last meeting in December! Thank you to everyone who participated!

We have decided to cancel our regular RAPANPA meeting for January 2018, and hold a strategic planning meeting with the outgoing and incoming officers instead. We will resume our regular meetings March13, 2018. 

If you have any suggestions for the future of our Redding PA/NP Association please email any of the officers with your ideas and we will include them on our agenda. We will post our meeting notes and plans in February and discuss them at our March meeting. 

President:  Susie Foster FNP
Vice President/President elect:  Curtis Chow NP, PA
Secretary:  Katie Fowler NP-S
Treasurer:  Julie Schok FNP 
CANP Rep:  Darra Husome FNP
CAPA Rep:  Summer Ross PA
                    Kathleen Chesney PA
CME Coordinator:  Laurel Bennett FNP
Membership Committee:  Lynn Holmquist and Lori Anjola FNP
Best wishes for the New Year!