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Redding Area PA/NP Alliance New Website!

Posted over 11 years ago by Julie Winter

Dear Members,

Its my pleasure to announce the exciting launch of our new website. This website provides our members and visitors with a variety of new and improved features. Each member of our group will now have a secure member profile listing that will allow them access to our member only sections and also create a channel of communication from our group to each of our members. Please read below to learn more!

About Your User Profile

Your user profile is a valuable professional networking tool and its how were able to communicate with you from our group website. Every time we post news, announcements, or upcoming events on our group website you will receive a message informing you of the new posting. You will also have access to member only sections, be able to easily RSVP to our upcoming events and send or receive messages to and from your colleagues without listing your e-mail address or other sensitive information.

More about our Website!

In an effort to provide our group members with the best possible tools, resources, and web based technology. We have chosen ENP Network to power our group website. They are the largest provider of web-based services to APN groups in the U.S. This means that were part of a much larger community of other APN groups and members all working to create a more unified and powerful voice as an industry.



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